High Water Levels

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is advising that Lake Ontario water levels continue to be significantly above normal, and are expected to remain elevated over the coming weeks.

In addition, HCA is advising that wave action has the potential to result in increased risk of shoreline flooding and erosion. Strong winds occurring from the north or east would pose the primary concern for wave-related flooding potential.

HCA wishes to remind residents to exercise caution near lakefront areas at this time, as high water levels and/or wave action may pose significant hazards.

Lake Ontario water levels may continue to rise slightly. A close watch on meteorological conditions, including wind, is recommended.

Lake Ontario water levels are currently 75.84 m IGLD85, which are the highest water levels recorded since 1918. Current levels are about 11 cm above the record high May monthly mean (75.73 m IGLD85, set in 1973). By comparison, the HCA shoreline flooding hazard level, used for planning and development review, is 78.5 m (which includes 2.5 m of wave uprush).

Elevated Lake Ontario water levels are the result on the significant amount of rain received in April and May within the Lake Ontario basin.

HCA continues to monitor Lake Ontario and wind conditions closely and will issue flood messages or further updates as required.
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High Water Levels