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It’s not too late …

To be part of the conversation

Add your voice to the province-wide conversation on the role of Catholic education in contemporary society.

How do we support students in being living witnesses to their faith?

What are some of the challenges facing Catholic education today?

What opportunities exist to shape a positive future?

These are important questions as we seek to bring the truth and wisdom of our faith tradition into the context of this particular time and place.

As a first-time participant, you will need to click on the new link through Thoughtexchange at, register with an email address and identify your role (parent, teacher, clergy member, etc.) and your school board. You then are included in the process moving forward.

For those already registered who have yet to complete the STAR step of the dialogue, it’s not too late. The Institute for Catholic Education has created a final opportunity to add your voice as it begins Step 2 ½ to broadens the scope of the ‘STAR step’ of its public consultation.

Thoughtexchange has provided a new link for those who have yet to participate in the engagement process. Please register at

The data from SHARE, STEP and STEP 2 ½ will be collated, categorized and analyzed by Thoughtexchange and provided to ICE and OPECO. This comprehensive snapshot, reflecting the lived experience of those involved in Catholic education today, as well as their perceptions of particular challenges and opportunities, will serve as the basis for the specific conversation that will unfold when Board teams gather to participate in a province-wide symposium in November.

Hosted by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) and the Office d’éducation de la foi catholique en Ontario (OPECO) on November 14 & 15, 2017, the symposium will focus on the theme, “Renewing the Promise: Exploring the Critical Role of Catholic Education in Contemporary Society.”

The symposium is a follow-up to the seminal document, “This Moment of Promise” published by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario in 1988 that established a clear and compelling mission and vision for Catholic schools in the aftermath of the historical legislative decision that resulted in full funding for Ontario’s Catholic school systems. A later pastoral letter, “Fulfilling the Promise,” released in 1993 focused on our shared mission to nurture and sustain Catholic schools.

More than two decades after the release of the two documents, our mission and vision for Catholic education have not changed, but our context has changed profoundly. This upcoming symposium will provide an opportunity for representatives from every sector of the Catholic education community to revisit the earlier documents to elicit their insights and wisdom on the theme of “Renewing the Promise: Exploring the Critical Role of Catholic Education in Contemporary Society.”

Input from the survey and symposium will be used to inform a pastoral letter by the Bishops of Ontario on “Renewing the Promise.” The letter will reflect on the challenges and opportunities that accompany this moment in time in Catholic education in Ontario, and provide a renewed vision for those who share responsibility for Catholic education today.

It’s not too late …