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100th Day of School

Event Date: Feb 10, 2020

The 100th day of school is literally the 100th day of the school year. This year we celebrate the 100th day of school on Monday, February 10th.

More importantly, celebrating the 100th Day of School is a great way to celebrate the various mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100,.

Here are some ideas to celebrate the 100th Day of School you can try at home:

Build with 100 Legos: Have your children count out sets of 100 Lego. As an extension you can sort the 100 Legos into attributes – size, colour. You can also extend the activity by discovering what they can build with 100 pieces of Lego.

Make 100 Decorations: Depending on the timing of the 100th Day, make 100 snowflakes to decorate the kitchen if day falls in January, or 100 hearts if your day falls in February.

Read 100 Books: Leading up to 100th Day, challenge your child to read 100 books. Keep a chart or poster on the fridge and encourage your children to cheer each other on as they log finished books. If they meet that goal by 100th Day, award them a small prize like a week of longer recesses or special bookmarks, and give them a certificate of completion.

Take 100 Steps: Take a walk together to count how far 100 steps would be. You could vary the activity to measure the distance of toe-to-heal 100 steps and/or 100 regular walking steps.

Cut 100 2-D Shapes: Provide supplies (glue, construction paper, foam) and have kids cut out shapes—both conventional and from their imaginations—until they have 100 different ones. Glue the shapes to a poster board and hang it in your home.

Fruit Loop/Bead Necklaces: using yarn and fruit loops/beads, count out 100 and make a necklace.

Make Words: A literacy activity is a fun way to get in some learning while marking the day. One such activity is see how many words your child can make with the letters in “one hundred.” Ask kids to come up with 100 positive adjectives that describe their school. Or make it a team effort by giving groups of student kits with 100 words (cut out on paper) and challenging them to create a story.

100th Day of School
100th Day of School