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K-12 School Closure Activities

In order to support continued student learning during the school closure, the HWCDSB has prepared a list of optional resources and activities for parents/guardians to use with their child(ren) during this time if they wish.

Please explore the extensive list we have provided though the myClass Learning Management System, which includes activities and parent/ guardian resources for students with special education needs, as well as those related to social and emotional well-being. These activities are useful at any time during your child(ren)’s educational journey.

These resources for Kindergarten to Grade 8 are accessible here:

The resources for Secondary Grade 9-12 students are accessible within the Learning Management System- School Closure activities: ( ... ), and include resources to explore and learn about a variety of career pathways using the online platform, EdgeFactor:

Secondary students can also utilize OSAPAC, a Ministry funded educational software that is available to all publicly funded schools in Ontario. Titles include: Britannica, Learn360, Career Cruising, TVO Education etc. Below is a PDF with instructions on accessing OSAPAC through myClass.

For children and adolescents with special needs, please see the following document for a list of resources:
Family Resources for Children and Adolescents with Special Education Needs

(If students do not have their logins, please contact your school principals at the email listed on your school website in the "About Us" link under "Contact Us.")

K-12 School Closure Activities