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First Days- School Creed and Respect the Dignity of All

Dear Parents/Guardians:

To begin, we wanted to say how impressed we are with the safety practices of your children. They have all come prepared to wear the mask and keep everyone safe. Our students are a little anxious and we are doing what we can to calm their fears. Both Mrs.Piro-Cinelli and I have visited every classroom and we sent the message of the Golden Rule and respecting the dignity of all people through our new school mission/creed/motto.

We did speak to how wearing the mask keep others safe and as Jesus did, we need to look out for others.

We also did speak to students of the importance of respecting the dignity of all people. We spoke with students about anti-racism, and that racist language would not be tolerated at Holy Name of Jesus CES. This includes racist language and other inappropriate language that may be found in music lyrics. It is hoped that no racist or discriminatory action will occur at Holy Name of Jesus CES; however, if it does, it will result in the most serious of consequences.

Last year, we spent quite a bit of time asking students what kind of person they want to become.We consistently impressed upon them that they have to leave people with a positive "wow" impression. We did this through classroom visits at school assemblies. They had many great things to say. We also got some ideas from parents and staff.

The mission below was co-created by the Holy Name of Jesus community. We will recite this daily over the announcements and it will be posted in all classrooms.

Mission: Lead Like Jesus Creed

As a Holy Name of Jesus Husky I promise to lead like Jesus.

I am someone who will create peace by making things right when I make the wrong choice.

I will be proactive as this will help me be prepared, relaxed and creative.

I believe in kindness by showing empathy and using the Golden Rule.

I promise to take responsibility for my actions by reflecting, being honest and accepting the consequences.

I am someone that shows compassion by smiling, motivating others and listening to understand.

I will develop winning habits through repetition, meditation and prayer.

I believe in showing dignity and respect for all people.

If I live this creed I will inspire others to be like Jesus and create an environment where “Each Belongs”.

School Motto: Love, Honesty, Respect, Lead

This Mission/Creed/Motto brings us a sense of joy as it is a goal that all of our students at Holy Name of Jesus can aspire to.

First Days- School Creed and Respect the Dignity of All