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Happy Thanksgiving To All

Event Date: Oct 11, 2021

The first five weeks of school is complete and we are thankful for all the good that has come our way in

It has been great to see our staff working diligently
by helping students, (especially our new students) transition smoothly to new classrooms and grades.
Staff has started the year by giving much of their time for extra curricular activities such as coaching a sport, running a club or a taking on various initiatives at school. It is invigorating to see C.Y.O. up and running and many extra curricular activities return. Staff have spent some time doing various assessments that will help them guide instruction for their students. Together through School Improvement Planning we have set high expectations for our children.

Thank you to all parent volunteers who have put their name forward for Catholic School Council.

Thank you to all guardian and parents who continue to work with their children to support and reinforce our faith, skills &
work habits to help our students "Lead like Jesus".

Finally, all of us at Holy Name of Jesus hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. One thing we ask our students to do over Thanksgiving is to thank the chef/provider of food. Many of them said they would help out by doing the dishes or offering to set the table. I hope it is not to late to remind them of this. :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving To All