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Anaphylaxis -- Important Reminder

Event starts Apr 22, 2022 and ends Apr 26, 2022

Friday April 22nd 2022.

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s);

As you may already be aware, we have students in our HNOJ school that are allergic to nuts/nut products, milk, and eggs and other specific allergens. Even exposure to a tiny amount of these foods could be potentially serious and life threatening. Therefore, we are asking for co-operation from the parents/guardians of the students in each class to play a positive role in preventing such a dangerous and frightening situation at our school.

Even though prevention is the best approach, we are asking you to avoid sending these items (except peanuts/nuts: they are not permitted at all to school). Instead, we are trying to take a proactive approach focusing on education and communication with all stakeholders.

Keeping this in mind, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in the following ways:
* Check the ingredients of items you send to school
* If possible, please refrain from sending ANY spillable milk products to school (except for specific classroom that has the dairy allergy)
* Solid milk products are a better choice than liquid ones (except for specific classroom that has the dairy allergy)
* Review and practice proper hand washing techniques with your child before and after eating
* Teach your children to understand this very serious situation and encourage empathy for these children
* Support an inclusive school and classroom environment by providing non-edibles items (i.e. stickers, pencils) instead of edible items (i.e. cupcakes) for special events (i.e. birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
* If you choose to send in treats for special events please ensure they are not made with nuts, are clearly labeled and manufactured in a nut free facility (this must be clearly labeled on the product) or bring in healthy treats for any and all celebrations to help promote healthy habits
* If you choose to send food at lunch then it must not contain nut, tree nut, egg and dairy and any other class specific allergy. (Mcdonald's. Tim Horton's and other food items do not guarantee their products to be nut, tree nut dairy and egg free).
* Encourage your children to read labels

This may be an inconvenience for you, but please realize how important your assistance is.
We would take the same care should your child have such a health care need.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr. Iassogna (Principal) & Ms. Standish (Vice-Principal)

For more information regarding allergies and/or other medical conditions - please refer to this link: ...

Anaphylaxis -- Important Reminder