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Our Catholic schools are Christ-centred and therefore it is only fitting to have a school called Holy Name of Jesus, in other words, named after Jesus himself. After all, being true to the memory of Jesus, living and teaching his message, creating a community of faith, worship and service inspired by His example, is what Catholic Education is all about. At Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School, the members of the school community celebrate Example, Enthusiasm and Excellence through His holy Name. The students try hard to live up to following Christ's example, to be enthusiastic about learning and to stive for excellence in everything they do.

Holy Name of Jesus Cathloic Elementary School's original date of construction was in 1964 with a population of 761 students. During the early 70's Holy Name of Jesus School housed three different school communities. In 1971-72 St. Columba students attended until their new school was constructed. In 1972-73 St. Patrick students attended while their school was being renovated. In 1973-74 St. Anthony of Padua students attended until their new school was completed. During these years many classes were accomodated in various ways.
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School also acted as a Mission Church for the community. Sunday Masses were held in the school and the community members were able to break bread together. During the 70's Holy Name of Jesus School library was open during the summer for students in the school. Students borrowed books throughout the summer to help them maintain and improve their literacy skills.

Students in 1980 planted the two big trees in the front yard, one to commemorate the death of Terry Fox and the other to promote World Peace. Students past and present continue to work hard at reaching out to others in the community.

Many former students now as adults have moved back into the neighbourhood to send their children to their alma mater. Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School continues to be a Faith community hub for people to come together to learn through Example, Enthusiasm and Excellence.